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If your wrist pain isn’t going away and interferes with your daily activities, the pain experts at RehabOne Medical Group in Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy, and Salinas, California, can determine the root cause of your pain and provide appropriate treatment. Wrist pain that remains after trauma or injury needs to be treated so you don’t develop future complications. Call RehabOne Medical Group today.

Wrist Pain Q & A

What causes wrist pain?

Wrist pain is often due to injuries resulting from sudden impacts, like a fall or car accident. Wrist injuries are also due to repetitive wrist motions from activities like work and sports.

Wrist pain can also be degenerative diseases like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and ganglion cysts.

How can I prevent wrist pain?

While you can’t predict accidents, there are steps you can take to prevent wrist pain.


Certain exercises help build the strength of the bones and muscles of your wrist, which prevents them from being injured easily.

Use protective gear

If you have an active lifestyle at work or play a lot of sports, use protective gear like wrist guards to protect yourself from high-impact collisions.

Take breaks at work

Typing at a computer for hours is bad for your wrists, so be sure to take regular breaks and stretch your wrists. 

A lot of wrist pain can be avoided with regular exercise and being mindful of how you use your wrist.

How do you treat wrist pain?

RehabOne Medical Group begins your treatment with a physical exam. During the exam, your specialist checks your wrist for swelling and how much you can move it. They may suggest additional screening tests, like a noninvasive ultrasound to see your tendons, ligaments, and other parts of your wrist.

Treatments depend on the cause of your wrist pain and how severe it is. Based on your exam and screening tests, your specialist may suggest a variety of therapies, many of which are used in combination for the most effective outcomes. 

The practice offers injection therapy to patients whose wrist pain is from osteoarthritis to relieve pain and restore mobility. You specialist may also suggest chiropractic therapy, which uses adjustment techniques to restore functionality and full movement to your wrist if you’re recovering from an injury.

RehabOne Medical Group uses myofascial releases and therapeutic yoga exercises to encourage flexibility and circulation, while also strengthening the muscles. They also relieve tension from typing and other repetitive motions that you do with your wrists.

To learn about other treatments and get relief from your wrist pain, call RehabOne Medical Group to make an appointment today.