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Using ultrasound in musculoskeletal medicine is cutting edge technology that is safe, effective an offers dynamic, real- time imaging and diagnosis.


One of the newest developments in musculoskeletal medicine is applying ultrasound technology to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries. With use of ultrasound imaging, we can see size and shapes of tendons, bone surfaces, evaluate for calcifications, and locate blood vessels. Unlike MRI’s or Xrays, we can look at how tendons and soft tissue move with the ultrasound. Also, generally, metal implants or other hardware in the body do not interfere with ultrasound imaging.

Ultrasound is useful for bursal injections, joint injections, and carpal tunnel injections where the nerves, blood vessels and tendons are very close together. If there is a calcification in a tendon causing pain or dysfunction, often time we can break that up and treat it without surgery.


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