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Myofascial therapy not only feels good, it’s a natural way to heal from physical ailments and ease symptoms. At RehabOne Medical Group in Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy, and Salinas, California, experienced therapists use myofascial therapy to ease pain, reduce stress and disability, and restore your quality of life. Call RehabOne Medical Group to schedule an appointment today.

Myofascial Therapy Q & A

What is myofascial therapy?

Therapeutic massage incorporates numerous manual manipulation techniques to enhance physical functions and your body’s natural healing capabilities. Your provider places pressure on various areas of your body to ease tension, relax you, and relieve pain.

What are the benefits of myofascial therapy?

Myofascial therapy at RehabOne Medical Group offers numerous mental and physical health benefits. Examples include:

  • Stress and tension relief
  • Improvements in insomnia
  • Chronic neck, shoulder, back, and headache pain relief
  • Arthritis joint pain relief
  • Sports-related and soft tissue injury healing and prevention
  • Depression and anxiety relief
  • Improvements in myofascial pain syndrome

Using myofascial therapy in conjunction with other pain-relief treatments reduces chronic pain without invasive surgery or pain medication.

What are different types of massage therapy?

Your RehabOne Medical Group physician might recommend one or more of the following types of massage:

Deep tissue massage

During deep tissue massage, your provider uses forceful strokes to target deep layers of connective tissue and muscle to reduce damage from injuries.

Trigger point massage

During trigger point massage, your provider places pressure on tight muscle fibers that form from overuse and other injuries.

Myofascial therapy

Your therapist uses myofascial therapy to stretch muscle fascia, restore mobility, and ease chronic pain associated with injuries, disease, aging, and immobilization.

What should I expect during a myofascial therapy session?

When you arrive at a myofascial therapy appointment at RehabOne Medical Group, first you discuss your condition with your therapist, then you lie down on a comfortable massage table while your provider places pressure on various areas of your body.

Your session lasts 60 minutes. Myofascial therapy is relaxing, but you might feel slightly sore the next day.

Am I a good candidate for myofascial therapy?

Just about anybody benefits from myofascial therapy. If you suffer from a chronic disease or long-lasting pain and want to minimize pain medication and surgery is not an option, massage therapy can be beneficial. 

However, you might not be a good candidate if you have a bleeding or blood vessel disorder, burns, slow-healing wounds, severe osteoporosis, or fractures.

To schedule a myofascial therapy consultation, call RehabOne Medical Group today.