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Arm pain can be extremely uncomfortable, especially since you use your arms for everything. If you experience arm pain that doesn’t go away, you may even have a serious condition. RehabOne Medical Group in Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy, and Salinas, California, has a team of pain experts who can help reduce your arm pain and find the underlying cause. Don’t wait to make your appointment. Call RehabOne Medical Group to make an appointment today.

Arm Pain Q & A

What causes arm pain?

Arm pain is caused by a wide range of issues, including joint and nerve injury, abnormalities in your blood vessels, and overuse. Arm pain can be acute or chronic. 

Acute arm pain is the result of injury to any part of your arm, including fractures, joint dislocation, or muscle strain. Chronic arm pain happens because of diseases like arthritis or vascular disease.

What are the symptoms of arm pain?

Your symptoms depend on the cause of your arm pain. Some common symptoms associated with arm pain are:

  • Electric or burning sensation
  • Numbness
  • Weakness 
  • Inability to move
  • Pain 
  • Swelling
  • General ache

Minor arm pain that’s the result of an injury usually goes away by itself. If you’re injured more severely, or if your pain doesn’t go away with at-home care, talk to a specialist at RehabOne Medical Group.

If your arm pain comes on suddenly, is quite severe, and is accompanied by a feeling of pressure in your chest, get medical help immediately as this could signify a heart attack.

How do you treat acute arm pain?

As with any other type of pain that RehabOne Medical Group sees, your treatment is guided by the underlying reason for your arm pain. If your arm pain is minor and the result of overuse or injury, your specialist may suggest physical therapy to rehabilitate your arm and restore its functional abilities. 

Your exercise specialist also teaches you exercises to do at home to strengthen your arm and treat any sudden onset of pain. 

Chiropractic therapy and acupuncture are also used to relieve pain and restore mobility in patients recovering from an arm injury. 

How do you treat chronic arm pain?

For patients experiencing chronic arm pain because of issues like arthritis, the practice offers trigger-point injections. During this procedure, your specialist uses an ultrasound machine to pinpoint exactly what parts of your arm cause you pain. 

Once they locate these specific areas, your specialist uses injections in the targeted areas to reduce inflammation and pain. 

By learning about how diet, exercise, and sleep affect your body, you’re empowered to make better everyday decisions that benefit your health.

To get relief from your arm pain, call RehabOne Medical Group to book an appointment today.