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Ankle pain is not only uncomfortable, it can severely restrict your movement and ability to perform daily activities. Once you’ve injured your ankle, you’re at a much greater risk of injuring it again, especially if you haven’t taken measures to heal it properly. At RehabOne Medical Group in Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy, and Salinas, California, the team of expert physicians determines the cause of your ankle pain and develops an appropriate treatment plan. If you suffer from ankle pain, don’t let it control your life. Call RehabOne Medical Group to make an appointment today.

Ankle Pain Q & A

What causes ankle pain?

Ankle pain refers to discomfort in any part of your ankles. It’s often caused by injuries like sprains or fractures. Chronic ankle pain is caused by diseases like arthritis, gout, blocked blood vessels, and nerve damage. 

No matter the cause, once you develop ankle pain from an injury or chronic health issue, your ankle is left weaker, less stable, and more prone to further injury. If you suffer from ankle pain, contact RehabOne Medical Group to get the professional medical help you need to alleviate your discomfort and reduce your risk of future health problems.

How do you diagnose ankle pain?

At RehabOne Medical Group, the practice conducts a comprehensive examination to diagnose the underlying cause of your ankle pain. During your exam, your specialist reviews your symptoms and when you started noticing them. Your provider also reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam focused on the structure and function of your ankle.  

In addition to the examination, your specialist at RehabOne Medical Group may request diagnostic tests to further evaluate your ankle to confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis. These diagnostic tests include an X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound. 

After your specialist at RehabOne Medical Group diagnoses you, they may suggest a number of different treatments you can benefit from. 

How do you treat ankle pain related to injury?

If you’ve suffered an injury like a sprain or fracture, your specialist usually recommends staying off the ankle for a few days or weeks. They may also recommend icing and prescribe a compression bandage. 

Once your ankle is healed, your specialist may suggest active rehabilitation therapy. That includes guided exercises with an onsite exercise specialist as well as at-home exercises for when you experience flare-ups of pain. Exercise programs helps strengthen your ankle and supporting muscles, and reduce your risk of a recurrence.

How do you treat chronic ankle pain?

For patients who experience chronic ankle pain, the practice uses ultrasound in combination with trigger-point injections. Your therapist uses ultrasound to pinpoint the exact parts of your ankle that are inflamed and injection therapy to relieve those specific parts of any pain.

To get relief from your ankle pain, call RehabOne Medical Group to make an appointment today.