P.V., San Jose

I have been going to RehabOne for the past 6 years, initially under Dr. Fujimoto's care then saw other doctors at the center. Last year I started seeing Dr. Samarth. I really have enjoyed being under her care and guidance as she is very knowledgable and really listens to my concerns, frustrations and answers my questions thoroughly. She seems to really care about my well being and offers positive suggestions. She is really a sweetheart and genuine. I highly recommend her as I am confident that anyone under her care will be highly satisfied!

A.B., Salinas

Coming to the program, I was apprehensive because I thought that there would never be a treatment that could help ease my pain. I was welcomed by the friendly staff on the first day and eased into an environment that fostered goal setting and focused on my progress. Elizabeth has been the best trainer I could have asked for. She was able to provide multiple exercises that were tailored to my needs as a pain patient. She held me accountable to my goals but never dismissed my progress if I fell short. Dr. Kramer, Dr. Joel, and Dr. Araiza, were welcoming, and engaging. They offered techniques that I never would have imagined existed. They promoted an open platform so we could discuss and share what we learned in a positive group environment. Dr. Keyme, provided an easy to follow medical lectures with pertinent information regarding managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

P.K., San Jose

If one is looking for the ‘next level’ in health care than look no farther than RehabOne, an innovative group of Doctors and Clinicians dedicated and caring to resolving injured worker’s injuries. The ‘Zen’ approach to medical care that treats the mind, the body and the spirit then Dr. Fujimoto and his staff will assist you in what your medical needs will be.

M.G, San Jose

I am writing this to communicate to you the professionalism and skillful conduct of my doctor Amruta Samarth.  I really appreciated the time she took to listen to me and hear my concerns.  She thoughtfully guided my treatment.  I was very thankful for her ability to advocate for my best overall health.

J.S., Los Altos

The staff is caring and knowledgable. If you have an injury and are dealing with pain, this is the place to go. Dr. Fujimoto is a dedicated doctor and his staff of professionals look at and treat the big picture of pain. They cover topics such as pain cycle, nutrition, and treatment styles.

A.R., Redwood City

I went to RehabOne in San Jose for a Workers Comp QME where I was seen by Dr Kaisler-Meza.  So far I have seen him twice (and because he didn’t let the insurance claims adjuster push him) I will see him again in the future. I feel he is definitely looking out for me and wants to help me get the care I need to get better.  Sounds like RehabOne has some really good dr.’s on board. I am so Thankful I picked him!!!

E.L., Merced

This is an awesome place for injured workers to learn how to manage pain and get much needed support  from a great staff and other clients.  I recently completed about 40 days of services and learned so much about my injuries and how to control flare ups, the cycle of pain and so much more.  They take a whole person teaching approach teaching everything from mindfulness to strength training to vocational counseling to nutrition.  If you’re an injured worker on workers comp this is the place for you, they will help you get back in the groove of life again.

K.R., Hollister

This medical office has been one of the best experiences for me in gaining professional medical services. Debbie and Miguel at the front desk are very helpful even though it can get so busy. They always give you excellent customer service. The doctors, including Dr. Brown Dr. Phan are also very knowledgeable in addressing my pain management. Dr. Esquivel, the acupuncturist is professional and knowledgeable in this field. He has helped my back pain immensely. I would definitely recommend this medical office.

S.W., Madera

I am a patient of Dr. Melinda Brown for about 10 years.  I have seen on the conservative side about 70 different doctors over the course of my 14 years of dealing with the wc system. Dr. Brown documents everything and has been treating my pain and has made great progress. I moved right after we met and would not trade dr’s for the world. I commute 6 hours round trip for the treatment well worth it. I hope who all reads this would use this firm to help you get to what is for me functional in everyday needs. Thanks is not enough .

L.W., San Jose

Dr. Meza is one of the doctors of Rehab One. Dr. Meza came highly recommended by other patients. His approach as well as his staff is very professional yet you feel that they actually care about your injuries.

S.P, San Jose

Many thanks to Dr. Yao for helping me with my neck & shoulder pain. I feel so encouraged by my visit. I have many tools now to help myself and I feel so much more informed about my problem.

Z.D., Berkeley

I struggle with chronic neck and back pain and I’ve been to a fair share of physiatrists. Shelley McDonald, MD, is by far the best I have been to as she is incredibly person centered, accommodating, engaged and responsive. She has continuously gone above and beyond in providing me care, resources, and referrals. I’ve found it to be tough to find supportive and validating doctors when dealing with chronic pain and Shelley has proven to me that it is in fact possible.

S.H., Salinas

I have been in the medical field for over 20 years. (LVN) As such I have known my share of doctors. With that being said Dr. Samarth has a great bed side manner, that all too often is lost in today’s technology driven world. Dr Samarth is always professional she shows care to explain any process or procedure. I especially feel that her compassion and understanding are what sets her apart. I feel confident in her care and believe that she is an advocate for her patients. I would without hesitation recommend her to care to anyone needing an experienced, and caring doctor.

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