Active Rehabilitation


RehabOne delivers a whole person rehabilitation approach for individuals experiencing pain.  We are able to combine high level technology and best science solutions with the strong clinical skills of our interdisciplinary treatment team.

Our technology targets the appropriate dysfunctional areas following an injury or surgery. This ability to target a specific location results in the ability to restore muscular functioning back to normal and improve the endurance of key muscles. We work with clients to support them in taking an active role in their rehabilitation process.  Our non-operative and post-operative rehabilitation is unmatched.

In addition to bi-weekly appointments with our exercise specialists, patients also receive home exercises and flare-up management plans.

Active Rehabilitation is available for PPO and Workers’ Compensation patients. 

Program Locations

Los Gatos – San Jose – Salinas

Exercise Specialists

Amy Posada - Rogelio "Roy" Mena - Elizabeth Ayala

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