Top Causes of Leg Pain

You kneed treatment.

Do you have leg pain? At RehabOne Medical Group of Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy, and Salinas, California, our experienced team can help, no matter if you get periodic cramps or suffer from a steady ache.


Leg pain can have a number of causes, and the first step to getting well is finding the source of the pain. In this blog, we discuss the top causes of leg pain.

Overuse and underuse

Both overuse and underuse of your legs can leave you dealing with pain. Pain due to overuse is the most common cause of leg pain, especially for patients involved in sports. However, not getting enough exercise can weaken your leg muscles and cause pain issues as well.


Overuse can also cause muscle cramps or spasms due to muscle fatigue. Redness and swelling may accompany muscle cramps, which can also be caused by dehydration.

Trauma or injury

Trauma or injury can also result in acute or ongoing leg pain. Some of the most common injuries that cause leg pain include:



Depending on the type of injury you've suffered, we may recommend rest, physical therapy, medications, or other treatments.

Serious health concerns

Leg pain can manifest as a symptom of several serious medical conditions, so it's important to take your aches and pains seriously, especially if they become unusually intense or frequent. These are some of the conditions that can present with leg pain:



While leg pain can often be resolved through rest, home remedies, or physical therapy, leg pain may also point to other concerns. Finding medical problems early can increase your chances of positive outcomes overall.

Get started resolving your leg pain problems by contacting RehabOne Medical Group. We will discuss your medical history, give you a thorough evaluation, and develop a customized treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and address the underlying cause of your leg pain. To learn more, book an appointment over the phone today.

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