The Latino Community – Translation Is Not Enough!

The importance of the patient to feel connected, with their health care professional, is essential for any medical treatment.  Communication is key for this connection and when there is a language barrier, this connection is challenging to establish. In addition, the process of sharing emotions is in itself a difficult process, particularly when it is with a stranger. Having a health care practitioner that speaks the same language eases this process. Therefore, at RehabOne you will find staff members whose first language is Spanish and were born and raised in a Latin country. They understand not only the verbal aspect of communication, but also the nonverbal gestures of the Latino culture. Specifically, in the Functional Restoration and Behavioral Medicine Programs we have two psychological assistants, Dr. Ernestina Araiza born and raised in Mexico and Dr. Oscar Hernández-Sutton born and raised in Puerto Rico.

March Newsletter

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In the beginning, Edna had isolated herself so much she was afraid to start the program, afraid to participate in the classes throughout the day, and even afraid to socially join the group.