Need Pain Relief? Try Acupuncture Instead of Opioids

When you have chronic pain from an injury or underlying medical condition, you may be using medications to minimize the pain and keep it under control. For many, opioids are part of your treatment plan.

If you’re looking for a solution to decrease your reliance on opioids and avoid the many risks associated with this type of medication, consider the benefits of acupuncture services available at RehabOne Medical Group.

Understanding the risks of opioids

Opioids, or narcotics, are a class of drugs that is most often used to treat chronic, severe pain. Some opioid medications are made from the opium plant, while others are made of synthetic ingredients.

Common types of opioid medicines used for pain control include:

These strong painkillers do serve a purpose but carry many risk factors that affect both your short- and long-term health. Common side effects of opioids include drowsiness, nausea, and persistent constipation.

Misuse of opioid medications can lead to life-long addiction issues and can even result in breathing difficulties or premature death.

If you are currently taking or have been prescribed opioid medications for treating chronic pain, now may be the time to consider alternatives that carry little-to-no health risks. One of the most effective, holistic treatments for pain and other physical health issues is acupuncture.

Why acupuncture is so effective in treating chronic pain

Acupuncture is a treatment that involves placing tiny, thin needles in specific areas of your body. A longstanding Chinese medicine practice, acupuncture is also known in modern medicine for its ability to stimulate tissue, nerves, and muscles.

This stimulation improves blood circulation to help you heal naturally from the inside out. Treatment with acupuncture also triggers your body to produce chemicals that work like painkillers to relieve your chronic pain.

As part of the ancient traditions associated with acupuncture, some believe that this type of treatment rebalances energies and the qi, or life force, of the body to alleviate pain and boost your overall health.

Conditions successfully treated with acupuncture

There are a number of chronically painful conditions that can use acupuncture as part of the treatment plan, including:

During your treatment, one of our RehabOne Medical Group acupuncture specialists places the needles in different depths at key points around your body. The needles cause no pain and many people feel nothing at all throughout their treatment.

Depending on your needs, your provider may manually manipulate the needles, twisting or turning them in place to boost the effects of treatment. After the needles remain in place for 10-20 minutes, they are easily removed.

To properly manage your chronic pain, your RehabOne Medical Group provider may recommend an ongoing series of acupuncture treatments based on your specific condition.

If you want to reduce your dependence on opioids and need an effective solution for pain relief, contact RehabOne Medical Group today by phone.

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