How We Tailor Myofascial Therapy to Your Individual Health Needs

Millions of American adults are living with pain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 50 million adults (roughly 20% of the population) live with some form of chronic pain. Over 10 million people live with “high impact” chronic pain, which lasts for more than three months and seriously hinders mobility in some way, including the ability to work, go to school, exercise, and participate in normal day to day activities. At RehabOne Medical Group, our team of physicians and rehabilitation specialists offer myofascial therapy and other rehabilitative services at our offices in San Jose, Gilroy, Los Gatos, and Salinas, California. 

What myofascial therapy can treat

Whether you’re experiencing pain, recovering from the effects of a sports injury, or have a debilitating condition like arthritis, myofascial therapy is a highly-effective part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Recommending myofascial therapy depends on your symptoms, health, and physical needs. 

You may be surprised to learn that myofascial therapy is used to provide therapeutic relief for many health problems including:

Sometimes the source of pain, tension, and discomfort is obvious and can be traced to something like an accident or overuse injury. But in many cases the underlying cause of pain and other symptoms can be hard to pin down, rendering a “one size fits all” treatment approach ineffective for most people. 

Is myofascial therapy right for you?

At RehabOne, we take a whole-body approach to diagnosis and treatment and will perform a comprehensive evaluation not just of your symptoms, but your overall health profile and lifestyle to find the right treatment method for you. Myofascial therapy is designed to work in conjunction with other forms of treatment. Our team will make recommendations depending on your symptoms, whether you’re taking medication and undergoing other forms of treatment, your physical health and lifestyle, your activity levels, where your pain or symptoms are located on the body, and underlying medical conditions.

For more information about the benefits of custom myofascial therapy and other rehabilitative services available at RehabOne, contact us today. Schedule an appointment at one of our four convenient locations in Los Gatos, Salinas, Gilroy, or San Jose, California. We look forward to hearing from you!

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